Il Fatto Quotidiano

An initiative of Antonio Padellaro in 2009, Il Fatto Quotidiano is the most successful Italian publishing project of the last 10 years. Important professionals from the publishing field were involved from the beginning, like Marco Travaglio (appointed deputy editor in the fall of 2010 and editor in chief in February 2015), Peter Gomez (editor of the online magazine since June 2010) and Marco Lillo, and on the managerial side the current CEO Cinzia Monteverdi.
Il Fatto Quotidiano does not receive public funding, thus offering a guarantee of independent information free of political affiliations and economic powers, supporting itself only through sales. Indeed, readers appreciate these characteristics and acknowledge that il Fatto occupies a position that did not exist before., established on 22 June 2010 and directed by Peter Gomez, today is one of the most visited news sites in Italy
The decision to give the online magazine a different editor from that of the printed newspaper derives from the company’s desire to go beyond the classic online edition based on topics and content published in the paper version, and to create a truly independent news source. The history of the website reflects eight years of insights and experiments (that still continue today), which have allowed us to achieve excellent results in terms of users and authority. Always with the goal of publishing “what the others don’t say” employing an innovative editorial approach.

Loft Produzioni

LOFT Produzioni is the television production division that has the purpose of selling shows and documentaries to third-party broadcasters. LOFT Produzioni is also responsible for the production and distribution of shows and the organisation of events.
Inside the company’s headquarters there are television studios and an entire area dedicated to all production activities.
TVLOFT is also an online platform for the sale of television content by subscription through the app and the website (


Paper First is SEIF’s publishing house. Founded in 2016 and directed by Marco Lillo, it is currently one of the most successful companies in the Italian publishing scene. Investigations, politics, current affairs, but also new trends and music. Paper First – present in both bookshops and newsstands – has produced about 30 publications, several of which became instant best sellers and remained at the top of the charts for weeks.

FQ Millennium

FQ MILLENNIUM is the monthly investigative journalism magazine directed by Peter Gomez. An “open” monograph with a main subject that is analysed in all its facets and columns written by big names in the industry, photo reportages, investigations, focuses and interviews, investigating the world and its surroundings.
The innovative graphics by art director Pierpaolo Balani are designed to accompany the narrative and guide the reading. The result is a collector’s magazine printed on heavy quality paper.