David Perluigi

Loft Produzioni Director

A professional journalist, he wrote for L’Espresso, Il Manifesto and Il Messaggero. For Radio Capital he did investigative reporting and the morning block “Il caffè di Radio Capital”, and for Radio Rai Uno he collaborated on the programme “Italia, istruzioni per l’uso” with Emanuela Falcetti. On TV he worked on Rai Tre’s programmes “Ombre sul Giallo” and “Storie maledette” with Franca Leosini, “W l’Italia diretta” with Riccardo Iacona and “Report” with Milena Gabbanelli. After moving to La7, he became one of the leading correspondents for the programmes “Exit” and “Exit files” conducted by Ilaria D’Amico and collaborated on “Effetto domino” with Myrta Merlino. In May 2010 he arrived at Il Fatto Quotidiano where he holds the position of editor-in-chief of the web TV and supervises integrated coordination with the editorial staff of Michele Santoro’s “Servizio Pubblico”. From 2017 he was first structure head and then Director of Loft Produzioni.